‘Matter That Settles’ by ebb

ebb is a recently formed collective comprised of artists Lisa Darrer, Claire Pritchard and Rosalind Wilson working across a range of disciplines. matter that settles will be their first collaborative piece.

Envisaging the site of Brainchild as a basin, a series of boulder-scale masses made from waste, manmade materials will become moveable fragments of land. The Brainchild community will become the active agent in the installation; touching, mounting and rolling the masses to remap the festival terrain like tides depositing silt.

By repurposing polystyrene, plastics and pulped waste, destined for landfill, these inorganic materials will mimic organic forms.  At a time where it is increasingly crucial to speed up our understanding and find solutions to the Earth’s sustainability, the masses will become monuments of this urgency. Pulped paper, waste, dye and luminescent pigment spread over the surface of the masses like lichen on rocks. The fungi-like skin reminds us of naturally occurring processes and systems that could provide solutions to these burgeoning issues.


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