Morning Yoga

As usual, will be beginning our days in the field with yoga from the Brainstage:


Delphine’s enthusiasm lies with hosting an inward journey back to the self. Her classes offer a safe and soothing space to be playful and experientially learn. By choreographically intertwining yoga poses with breath and music her focus is to facilitate those sweet moments of inner stillness and conjure up a sense of reconnection to the present moment. Using intimate imagery and language to evoke sensory awareness within the physical and mental body, she seeks to inspire beings to feel empowered and content with who they are, right here, right now.


Lou is a yoga teacher and workshop facilitator, passionate about making us feel more at home and connected in our bodies, and using embodiment and creativity as tools for wellbeing and community. Their work specialises in queerness, body positivity & disability and is taught within a trauma and social justice informed framework. Expect their morning yoga to include explorative and intuitive movements and to be guided towards trust in the body: space to flow, find stillness, to breathe at your own pace. They have been coming back to Brainchild for years, and are so excited to be moving and shaking and stomping and shouting with you all!