Naughty Corner Productions’ RAVES R US

Toys R Us has closed down for good leaving Charlie and his mates unemployed, depressed and searching for any escape from this rundown bigot-lead society. Charlie’s vision arrives fully formed. They have an abandoned warehouse, an abandoned nation… it’s time to make a sanctuary, an escape… a Rave. Inspired from a true story out of Hounslow, London.


★★★★★ – North West End

A Stroke of Theatrical GeniusLa Vida Liverpool

We cannot wait to for you to experience multi-award winning theatre company Naughty Corner Productions’ unforgettably good immersive show. They’ve run for the last 5 years with 8 original productions, sell out Edinburgh & Brighton fringe runs, sell out shows at The Pleasance, London, and they’ve performed to over 1,000 people at Glastonbury festival 2019. They’re also winners of the Sunday times national drama award 2014, and have had countless 4 and 5 star reviews.