THE SHACK: ‘BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY’ – Seyi Adelekun, Shanice Abbey, Rosie Murphy, Lauren Rechere, Hannah Burrough, Fussilat Ibrahim & Christopher Bradley

Between Earth And Sky’ is a kaleidoscopic mirrored arch based on the simple beauty of a folded origami structure. In daylight the mirrors play on our experience of being held gently in place by the surrounding trees, and at night transforms into a psychedelic fire of fractured light.

Imagining the Brainchild clearing as a kind of dream space, the Shack team wanted to mingle the silhouettes of dancers with the trees until all distinctions disappear. They were inspired by the inversion of a forest as it extends down into a body of water, and how these reflections create an infinite and enchanted space between earth and sky. Hopefully escaping to reconnect with each other and with nature in the most healing way.

Chris about his experience working on the Shack design:

“Taking part in the competition for the Shack design has been a highlight of my 2021. I had an open mind when we started to see where it went; because although some of the group were friends already, but one or two of us were new to form this collective….I think it surprised Seyi that in the end 7 of us came together to design the installation with her! Also, you’d think that was too many designers but we’ve been breaking tasks up and everyone adding their own speciality….it felt right from sharing our first sketch ideas, settling on a concept then pushing it on step by step. Working with this super-supportive group of incredibly talented architects and artists has been inspiring, and it kinda feels like we’ve known each other for years already :) I was amazed at how quickly we resolved around the themes of lost intimacy and the magic of escaping to dance amongst the trees.”