Young Yosef

Draped in a funk nostalgia, Berlin five-piece Young Yosef preview their debut LP.

Harking back to the iconic all-night parties in the Studio 54 golden age, the group are injecting a healthy dose of glitter and spandex into the Berlin scene.

Whilst, growing up in South East Israel, the group bonded over a joint love for all things creative, spending their formative years experimenting with bedroom recordings, visual art and acting; creating the basis for what is now Young Yosef. Their tight-knit bond was formed whilst touring together with dozens of bands and living under the same roof, and has resulted in a charismatic and witty project that exudes spirit and enjoyment. Besides the fun and the infectious funky lines, Young Yosef‘ can also be viewed as an attempt to redefine masculinity.

Consisting of: E.B Kush (vocals), Daklis (bass), Meanass 08 (guitar), G-goy(keyboards) and Steve Yamin (drums), Young Yosef is inspired by soul J-Pop and 70s disco and their debut album is the perfect introduction to their fun personas.

Check out their funky track Bruce Lee to get a flavour of what’s to come!

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